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Rep: Post vacant

Meetings: No official meetings at moment



No Officers were elected at the AGM held on 7th April 2014:


Post vacant

Deputy Rep

Post vacant


Post vacant


Post vacant

Products Officer

Post vacant

Ferry/Dealer Liaison

Post vacant


An appeal to members: Please fill in the new Direct Debit mandate form
to automatically make your annual membership payments. Please don't
wait for your normal renewal reminder to arrive. You can fill it in now and
the payment will only be taken when your renewal is due. The benefit of
filling in the form now is it will save MAG thousands of pounds in set-up
fees. If you wait until your renewal, MAG will be surcharged for the setting
up of Direct Debit facilities at no small cost, as the waiving of the fee is
time limited.
To download the form view our Direct Debit pdf form link or visit MAG's
page at MAG Direct Debit link


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The Isle of Wight MAG group as was in 2013-2014 have splintered
from MAG and have formed a new independent group called
The Isle of Wight RAG (Riders Action Group) and can be found
at the facebook link here. They are still as committed as ever to
fighting for riders rights.